The Kawaii Society is an organization that aims to share Japanese pop culture world wide by creating engaging content through social media, building communities, and launching kawaii culture themed events. We are passionate fashion lovers, visual artists, otaku, entrepreneurs, musicians, bloggers, gamers, and so much more!



Bianca has built The Kawaii Society from the ground up in hopes of turning her dreams into a reality. She has always been greatly inspired by Japanese pop culture and lives her life any way she can in a kawaii reality. Her aesthetic is mainly pastel and magical girls, but she appreciates all forms of art and expression. She is the creative director and produces all artwork and designs for The Kawaii Society. Bianca is the founder of her own fashion and accessory brand, Miss Candyholic, also inspired by kawaii culture. With the support of her impecable team, she hopes to make The Kawaii Society a global movement.