parfait doll

Hello! I'm Victoria Suzanne, Sanrio lover and kawaii fashion expert. Iā€™m a modern-day princess and fashion model living somewhere between the moon and New York City. I blog about kawaii and lolita fashion, cute lifestyle, and the power of positivity at Parfait Doll. My dream is to help other girls express themselves through fashion, so they can become their own Cinderellas!


alice in lolitaland

My name is Li-Li, and I started blogging as a way to record my exploration of the Lolita fashion style. Since then, my blog has transformed to include everything I'm interested in: beauty, cosplay, and other alternative fashion styles as well as Lolita fashion. I have a diverse set of interests, but kawaii culture has always been a huge love of mine.


lolita and the city

Lolita and the City is run by a single person who wants to show her love of NYC and fashion.  We aim to act as a NYC resource for tips and tricks for Lolitas and alternative fashionistas alike on how to survive in the city.  Covering events in the Tri-state area, eating at places of note, we are constantly renewing our love for New York City and fashion everyday.


Magic Ala Mode

"Magic Ala Mode is the creation of Duckie, a wacky pastel wearing nerd who loves anything nostalgic, weird, and obviously magical. On her blog, she aims to showcase how to channel your inner geekdom into a stylish lifestyle, while also showing off her own media loving nerdy side. Filled with Film Reviews, Retrospectives, and other fun articles, there's always something new going on at Magic Ala Mode.



Amy Cheong, founder of MILKB0X has been cosplaying for 15 years and wearing Lolita for 3 years. Her brand covers Lolita unboxings, events, makeup tutorials, travel, Lolita tips, and random funny videos on the side. She is currently a full time accessories designer for Girl's Marvel and Disney Licenses.


taco ramen & friends

Taco Ramen & Friends is a video marketing and promotions entertainment company. They cover conventions, events and promote their experience to the mass audience who weren't able to attend the event; hence bringing the experience home for them.